About Us



Brief History


Indian Anthropological Association is the representative body of the professional anthropologists in India. The idea to form this association was conceived way back in 1964 at Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh when All India Summer School was organized by the Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi by the then Head Late Prof. P. C. Biswas. Participants contributed enthusiastically to the general fund of the Association from the money, which they had received as traveling allowance to attend the Summer School. The association continued in an informal manner till 1969 when it was registered under the Societies Registration Act with Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi as its National Headquarter.

The Indian Anthropological Association has never looked back in its journey for the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge regarding the diversified conditions of human existence. It has focused on the understanding of the variety that the Indian culture exhibits, without ignoring the important findings of the world of anthropology. It has been sensitive and responsive to significant conceptual and methodological advances developing from time to time in British, American and French anthropology.

The Indian Anthropological Association has neither tried to enter into any competition with the already existing organizations nor did it duplicate their works. Over a period of time it has carved a niche for itself. Association is truly national in character where narrow regional considerations and parochial outlook find no place.

The Association consists of Life Members, Annual Members, Associate Members, Student Members, Fellows and foreign-Fellows, as well as Institutional Members.



Aims and Objectives


The aims and objectives of the Association are:

  • To promote study, research and publication in anthropology in India

  • To coordinate the anthropological activities in different parts of India

  • To explore way and means for application of Anthropology in the large interest of the Community

  • To promote the professional interest of the Anthropologists in India



Office Bearers


Executive Committee


S. M. Patnaik

Vice Presidents H. S. Saksena
Rajlakshmi Rath
P. K. Chattopadhya
S. N. Ratha
General Secretary S. K. Chaudhury
Secretary (HQ) cum Treasurer Manoj K. Singh
Joint Secretaries Archana Shukla
Avitoli Zhimo, (Delhi)
Assistant Secretaries: Rachel Thomas

Regional Secretaries:

Abhik Ghosh (Chandigarh)
Mini Bhattacharya (Guahati)
Vinita Menon (Kannur)
Lancy Lobo (Ahmedabad)
Kali Nath Jha (Ranchi)
A. K. Kapoor (Delhi)
Deepshika Baranwal (Delhi)
Kumud Sarin (Delhi)
Nupur Baruah (Delhi)
Sonali Chatterjee (Delhi)
Karma Oraon (Ranchi)
A. K. Singh (Ranchi)
Vinita Singh (Ranchi)
Surendra Kumar Jena (Raipur)
Sunita Reddy (Delhi)
R Mondal (Siliguri)
Sameera Maiti (Lucknow)
Geetika Ranjan (Shillong)
Supriya Singh (Delhi)
Benrithung Murry (Delhi)
......and the following members of the IA editorial team.
Editor Subhadra Channa
Managing Editor: Nilika Mehrotra
Assistant Editors: Manoj Kumar Singh
Mokshika Gaur
 Editorial Assistants: Sumit S. Srivastava
Lovitoli Jimo
Mahima Nayar
Editorial Advisory Committee: D. K. Bhattacharya (Delhi)
Budhadeb Chaudhary (Kolkatta)
A. C. Bhagabati (Guwahati)
A. K. Kapoor (Delhi)
T. N. Pandey (U.S.A.)
Shobhita Jain (Delhi)
K. K. Misra (Hyderabad)
S. M. Patnaik (Delhi)
Academic Advisory Board Prof. B. K. Roy Burman (Delhi)
Prof. Leela Dube (Delhi)
Prof. T. N. Madan (Delhi)
Prof. S. C. Tiwari (Delhi)
Prof. Sachhidanand (Patna)
Prof. D. P. Mukherjee (Kolkata)