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Indian Anthropologist (Volume 1 - 29)

1970 - Bulletin of the Indian Anthropological Association,
July, Number 1, 16pp.

1971 - Volume 1, Number 1, October
Freeman, James M. Occupational Changes Among Hindu Temple Servants, pp. 1-13.

Danda, Ajit K. Differentiation of Political Structure in Tribal Chattisgarh: A Methodological Analysis, pp.14-28.

Gupta, Surendra K. Political Elites in the Cognitive Map of School Boys, pp. 29-40.
Sharma, Satya P. Some Observations on the Classifications of the Tribal Populations in India in Racial Terms, pp. 41-59.

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Jay, Edward J. Some Aspects of Change in a Hill Maria Gond Village, pp. 65-79.

Vidyarthi, L.P. Cultural Diversities in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands: A Preliminary Report, pp. 80-92.
1972 - Volume 2, Number 1, June
Burkhart, Geoffrey. Ranges of Endogamy in a Tamil Group, pp. 1-6.

Gupta, Surendra K. Interstate Migration as an Indicator of National Integration Transaction Flow Analysis, pp. 7-26.

Koppad, K.B. Some Features of Kinship System in Karnatak Region of Mysore State, pp. 27-40.

Bhattacharya, D.K. Authority and Leadership in a Matrilineal Society, pp. 41-45.

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Datta, P.K. Hereditary Influences in the Determination of Plantar Dermatoglyphic Configuration – A Twin Study, pp. 53-60.
1973 - Volume 3, Number 1, June
Sachchidananda. Planning, Development and Applied Anthropology in India, pp. 1-16.

Seal, K.C. and R.C. Chanda. Shift in the Centre of Population of India Over the Past Two Decades – An Exploratory Study, pp. 17-21.

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Bali, R.S. Anatomical Axis and Mode of Pattern: Type Distribution on Individual Toes, pp. 45-55.

Singh, Raghbir. Somatometric Study of the Punjabi Adults (Males) With Special Reference to Relationship of Arm Girth Measurement With Body, pp. 56-62.
Volume 3, Number 2, December
Sinha, A.C. The Feudal Polity and Political Development in Sikkim, pp. 71-87.

Reddy, S.V. and B.N. Sahay. A Quotient to Measure the Interpersonal Communication Behaviour of Farmers, pp. 88-99.

Mangla, Anand. Trends of Reporting the Tribals in Indian Newspapers – Content Analysis of New Terms, pp. 100-108.

Sharma, Brahma Dev. Economic Development of Extremely Backward Tribal Regions, pp. 109-134.

Das, Bhuban M. Caste and Head Hair, pp. 135-138.
1974 - Volume 4, Number 1, June
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Zamora, Mario D. The Informant-Interpreter as Anthropologist: Trance and Transformation, pp. 1-10.

Agrawal, B.C. Familial to Individual: A Case Study of Decision Making in the Process of Change, pp. 11-18.

Singh, R.N. An Evaluative Study of Effectiveness of a Large-size Co-operative Credit Society, pp. 19-27.

Rao, Aparna. O Romano Trom – A Brief Survey of Some Aspects of Manush Gypsy Life, pp. 28-39.

Bansal, I.J.S. and N.S.Mitter. Defective Colour-Vision among Two Endogamous Groups of Punjab, pp. 40-45.

Raju, P.R. and Satyanarayana. A Study on the Inheritance of Hand Clasping and Arm Folding on Three Endogamous Groups of Coastal Andhra Pradesh (India), pp. 46-58.
Volume 4, Number 2, December
Berndt, R.M. A perspective on Social Anthropology, pp. 71-80.

Yorke, M. History and Anthropology: A New Model with Examples from the Santal Parganas, pp. 81-91.

Chaudhury, K.K. and S.M. Chakraborty. Tribe-Caste Interactions in a Bengal Village, pp. 92-98.

Bhatia, Pratima. Marriage Regulations among the Sindhis, pp. 99-103.

Mukherjee, B.N. Restrictions on Married Women’s Activities and some aspects of Husband-Wife Relations in Khasi Culture, pp. 105-130.

Tyagi, D. and Kiran Maseldan. C-Line Termination Polymorphism in Palmar Dermatoglyphics, pp. 131-136.

Malhotra, K.C., G.S.Mutalik, S.L.Kate, M.A.Phatke, B.V.Bhanu and V.S. Raite. A Pedigree of Mongol-Like Facial Form, pp. 137-141.
1975 - Volume 5, Number 1, June
Saksena, H.S. Denotified Communities of Uttar Pradesh in Perspective, pp.1-11.

Gupta, R.K. Mutual Aid in Traditional Forms of Production with special reference to Hilsa Fishing, pp. 12-38.

King, Anthony, D. The Colonial Bungalow Compound Complex: A Case Study in the Cultural Use of Space, pp. 39-67.

Shukla, B.R.K.; V.K. Tandon and Nisha Pandey. Sitting Height Vertex In Relation to Stature: A Cross- Sectional Study Based on Yadav and Passi Boys Around Lucknow, pp. 68-77.
Volume 5, Number 2, December

Sharma, Jagdish P. Time Perspective in the Study of Culture – An Introduction, pp. 1-6.

Sinha, A.C. The Kazi Patricians in the Sikkimese Polity, pp. 7-11.

Mitter, N.S. and S. Anand. Trend Towards Unisexuality in Human Sibships: A Study in Two Generations, pp. 12-20.

Srivastava, Ratish. Social Dimension of Domestic Group Organization of the Korwa of Palamau, South Bihar, pp. 21-29.

Mukherjee, Bishwa Nath. Awareness of Legal Rights Among Married Women and Their Status, pp. 31-58.
1976 - Volume 6, Number 1, June
Sahay, K.N. Teaching of Anthropology in India, pp. 1-19.

Vidyarthi, L.P. Thinking About the Problems of the Scheduled Castes in India: Some Preliminary Observations, pp. 20-27.

Khan, M.E. Muslim Social Structure in an Urban Setting: A Case Study of Kanpur City, pp. 28-39.

Toomey, Paul M. The Upanayana and Samavartana Rites: A Paradox of Two ‘Dharmas’, pp. 40-45.

Rao, Sharadama. Culture, Age and Mental Disorders, pp. 46-58.

Ghei, S.K. and M.C. Vaidya. The Study of the Blood Groups in Leprosy: I ABO Blood Groups, pp. 59-66.
1977 - Volume 7, Number 1, June
Mann, R.S. Functionalism, Structural-Functionalism: An Analysis , pp. 1-19.

Sinha, S.P. Parliamentary Election in Tribal Areas of Bihar, 1977, pp. 20-38.

Morab, S.G. The Killekyatha: Aspects of their Nomadism and Socio-Economic Symbiosis with Peasant Communities, pp. 39-47.

Ray, P.C. Socio-Cultural Processes and Psychological Adaptation of the Munda in Culture-Contact, pp.48-55.

Chakravartti, M.R. and Rama Chakravartti. Genetic Bearing of the Sex Ratio, pp. 56-61.

Murthy, A. Satyanarayana. A note on the Origin of the Tribe Koyas, pp. 62-64.
1978 - Volume 8, Number 1, June
Reddy, P.C. Gurivi. Interplay of Traditions, pp. 1-6.

Malhotra, K.C. Ram Mamma Yatra Among Nomadic Nandiwallas of Maharashtra: Its Origin and Socio-Religious Significance, pp. 7-16.

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Volume 8, Number 2, December
Roy-Burman, B.K. Tribal India – New Frontiers in the Study of Population and Society, pp. 73-88.

Bala, Madhu. A Survey of the Proto-Historic Investigation in Punjab and the Emergent Picture, pp. 89-118.

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Gupta, Nutan and H.K. Kumbnani. Main-Line Index and Transversality of ‘Sunni’ Muslims of Srinagar (Kashmir), pp. 153-158.
1979 - Volume 9, Number 1, June
Lakshmaiah, T. Migration – An Analysis of Movement Pattern, pp. 1-7.

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Pillai, S.S. and R.P. Srivastava. Age of Menarche in Populations of Karnataka, pp. 59-63.
Volume 9, Number 2, December
Mishra Anirudha. Constraints on Indian Political Culture: Some Reflections, pp. 73-81.

Gadgil, Madhav and K.C. Malhotra. Role of Deities in Symbolizing Conflicts of Dispersing Human Groups, pp. 83-92.

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1980 - Volume 10, Number 1, June
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Volume 10, Number 2, December
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1981 - Volume 11, Number 1, June

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Volume 11, Number 2, December
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Volume 15, Number 1, June
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