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Volume 37, Number 1, January-June - Special Issue on the Ethnography
of Healing Guest Editor: Laurent Pordie

1 Pordie, Laurent. Presentation: Ethnographies of “Folk Healing”, pp. 1-12.
2 Prasad, Purendra N. Healing in South Gujarat: Conceptions, Practices and Restricted Medical Pluralism, pp. 13-28.
3 Headley, Zoe E. Genealogies of Affliction: Aetiological Regimes and Causal Thinking Assessment in a South Indian Sub-Caste, pp. 29-48.
4 Deliege, Robert. Demonic Possession in Catholic South India, pp. 49-66.
5 Sebastia, Brigitte. A Protective Fortress: Psychic Disorders and Therapy at the Catholic Shrine of Puliyampatti (South India), pp. 67-92.
6 Pordie, Laurent. Buddhism in the Everyday Medical Practice of the Ladakhi Amchi, pp. 93-116.
7 Petitet, Pascale Hancart and Vellore Pragathi. Ethnographic Views on the Valaikappu: A Pregnancy Rite in Tamil Nadu, pp. 117-145.
8 Cleetus, Burton. Subaltern Medicine and Social Mobility: The Experience of the Ezhava in Kerala, pp. 147-172.
9 Shankar, Darshan. A Future Agenda for the Indian Medical Heritage?, pp. 173-186.

Volume 37, Number 2, July-December

1 Outlining trends of social change in marriage and the family: An analysis of the urban Indian Service Class by Rowena Robinson
2 Classic Symptoms of Liminality : Notes on Problems and Prospects of Anthropology by Farid Uddin Ahamed and NasirUddin
3 Violence and Dalit Women’s Resistance in Rural Bihar by Sumit S. Srivastava
4 Ageing in Urban Squatters: A Descriptive Analysis of Availability of Social Support to Low-income Urban Elderly in Pune, India by Aarti Kaulagekar
5 Child Birth And The Role Of Traditional Birth Attendants Among The Savara And Jatapu Communities, Andhra Pradesh by B.V Sharma and Jagannath Majhi
6 Internally Displaced People From Kashmir : Some Observations by Charu Malhotra
7  Menarchy, Menopause and Body Composition: A Study of Physiological Functions of Rajput Women of Uttaranchal. By N.K. Mungreiphy, Rashmi Sinha and Satwanti Kapoor
Short note
Anthropology Enters The Twenty First Century: Aspects Of Transforming Concepts, Subjects And Field Methods In The Era Of Globalization by Sekh Rahim Mondal

Book Reviews
Sudhkar Rao. 2002. Ethnography of a Nomadic Tribe, A study of Yanadi by Rachel Thomas
Geetika Ranjan. 2004. A Study of Political organization of the Bhoksa Tribe by Archana Shukla
Lauren Alcorn. 2006. Indigenous Education at Crossroads: James Bay Cree and the Tribal People of Orissa by Tripti Bassi
Rucha Ghate, 2004 Uncommons in the Commons: Community initiated Forest Resource Management, New Delhi by Debashis Debnath