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Registration Formalities


The registration process for the International Symposium on Anthropology of Global Issues to be held from April 1-3, 2012, in the Conference Centre at University of Delhi is now on. The registration form given below may be downloaded. Completed registration forms along with the bank draft/Cheque should reach us by March 15, 2020 (5 pm IST) at the address below.


Secretary (HQ)- cum-Treasurer
Indian Anthropological Association
Department of Anthropology University of Delhi,
Delhi - 110007

Advance registration form may be sent by email to
In order to make the complete process of electronic communication convenient in future, please send all your mails, queries, updates and other e-copies of documents to with a marked copy to

The Cheque / bank draft should be issued in the name of ‘Indian Anthropological Association’, payable at Delhi. Please put your full name, signature and mobile number behind Cheque / draft.

The registration categories along with the required fee are mentioned below.

International Delegates

200 USD (to be paid in Rupees)

WCAA affiliates

100 USD (to be paid in Rupees)


Delegates from South Asian Countries including India

Rupees 2500

Members of Indian Anthropological Society/Association

Rupees 1500

Research Scholars

Rupees 1500

Local Students

Rupees 500